Taekwondo Vs Karate

Taekwondo Vs Karate – What Is the Difference?

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Have you decided to enrol yourself in martial art classes? Then you will come across the two options first – Taekwondo and Karate. Both are quite useful to defend yourself. But choosing the one between them can be confusing. Hence, first of all, you should be aware of the difference between these two martial arts. And that’s what we have introduced in this blog. So, keep on reading!

What Is the Difference between Taekwondo and Karate?

Taekwondo is a Korean martial art, but Karate originates from Japan. The noticeable difference between them is Taekwondo put more emphasis on kicking in comparison to Karate. However, in the following passage, you will come across a few points on which these two options have been compared. So, have a look at these.


Taekwondo is popular for its advanced kicking techniques. It develops flexibility, speed, strength, and stamina. This martial art symbolizes the joining of one’s mental and physical discipline. But unfortunately, many Taekwondo training myths are still revolving around.

Karate is well known for the art of striking. It features punching, kicking, and other open-handed techniques. The self-defence skill you acquire will entirely depend on your unarmed body.


You will learn Taekwondo in two different forms – Kata and Sparring. Kata is nothing but a choreographed routine of martial arts. And sparring refers to fighting using a combination of offensive and defensive techniques and tricks.

On the other hand, Karate has all basic and fundamental movements. It consists of three K, which refers to Kata, Kihon, and Kumite. Kata involves elements, such as speed, technique, rhythm, direction, etc. Kihon refers to the basic techniques. And Kumite means sparring or partner work.


In terms of Taekwondo, You will get three points for a kick to the head, two points for a spanning kick to your opponent’s torso, and one point is for a basic attack.

In Karate, three points are for a Jordan kick, two points are for mid-level kicks, and one point is awarded to the mid or upper-level punch.


Both of these two martial art forms are beneficial for achieving self-defence skills. But if you want to learn Taekwondo, consider enrolling your name in our school. Visit our Facebook page to know more about the techniques of teaching.

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