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Taekwondo Training – Myths That You Should Stop Believing!

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Taekwondo is all about flying kicks! Yes, this is the biggest myth that many people still believe. And that’s what deters many parents from enrolling their kid’s name in Taekwondo classes. But in reality, taekwondo lessons are truly essential for acquiring self-defence skills. Below are a few myths that you should stop believing first.

Ignore These Misconceptions about Taekwondo

Listed below are a few popular myths about Taekwondo, which you should ignore.

Taekwondo Is All about Kicks

Many people believe that Taekwondo is limited to flying kicks. It’s true that Taekwondo is famous for its advanced kicking techniques. But you should know that this Korean martial art involves more punches than kicks. According to a study, the ratio of punches to kicks is 9:1. It allows punches to the face and body.

It’s a Weapon Training

This Korean martial art involves no weapon. You might have heard that some schools incorporate weapon training. It actually aims to enhance the learners’ skills and understanding of martial arts.

Touch Contact Practice

Many schools allow touch contact practice. But it’s not aligned with the technique of Taekwondo. It allows heavy and full contact sparring. And that’s what one needs to perform with full speed and intensity. So, find a reputable Taekwondo school for your child.

No Sweeping Moves

No, it’s absolutely not! Taekwondo communities allow sweeping into their practice. So, before you choose a Taekwondo school, make sure you are aware of all the techniques taught by the instructors. In a reliable school, instructors have extensive knowledge about all the moves.

Bottom Line

Enrol your kid’s name in Rhee Taekwondo Sydney. We have a team of highly trained and skilled instructors. Here your child can get trained under Chong Yoon Rhee, the grandmaster of Taekwondo. Visit our Facebook page and read our other blogs to gather more information.

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