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Here’s How to Motivate Your Child in Learning Taekwondo

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So, you have finally convinced your child to join Taekwondo training! Well, after attending several classes, it’s common that every little one wants to be a world champion. They will be more interested in learning more about this Korean martial art. But what would you do if your child’s mind is diverted from learning Taekwondo?

Don’t worry! Below are the tips for parents that can keep their children engaged throughout this martial art journey.

How Would You Support Your Kid in Learning Taekwondo?


Encourage Your Child During the Training

During the training sessions, when you watch your child from the sidelines, cheer him/her while performing a technique properly. The more you are involved, the more your kid is engaged with the training. After the class, point out what you like the most about this session.

Praise Effort Always

One thing that children love the most about Taekwondo training is performing kicks. It’s truly a rewarding aspect of this martial art. But as a parent, instead of telling ‘wow’, say something that indicates you are appreciating the efforts. Saying like, ‘you are practising hard’ will encourage your child to improve.

Tell That Your Teammates Love Training with You

Who doesn’t want to have good friends in their classes? And this is not an exception for martial arts training. Having good friends in classes can certainly make any activity fun. So, as a parent, you can encourage your child to explain that the teammates will badly miss if he/she doesn’t attend the class.

Never Compare

If your kid discusses their efforts in comparison to other students, emphasize the fact that everyone learns at a different speed. Otherwise, disappointments and frustrations may take place. Comparing with each other can’t be a positive method of growth, especially for children. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to create a positive resolution to this feeling.

All children are unique. What works on one child may not work on others. So, use these tips as guidelines and enrol your child’s name in our school. Our instructors are highly trained in Taekwondo. Follow us on Facebook for more updates.

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