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Here’s How Taekwondo Differs From Other Martial Arts!

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‘’The right of self-defence never ceases. It is among the most sacred, and alike necessary to nations, and to individuals’’- James Monroe. Probably, you have heard this famous maxim of this renowned lawyer at different times.

And taekwondo is one of the most renowned and systematic martial art that helps you in developing this much-needed skill of self-defence. Now, a question might lurk into your mind why taekwondo, when other martial art forms can give you the same chance? Keep exploring the causes that make it so unique in the continuing lines.

What Is So Special About Taekwondo? 

Let’s start the discussion by knowing the real meaning of taekwondo in brief. ‘’Tae’’ refers to foot or stepping on, ‘’ Kwon’’ denotes fighting, and ”Do” refers to discipline. By keeping all these three parts together, you can find the significant concept behind this excellent Korean martial art.

It focuses on discipline and improvement of fitness level mainly. Now, delve into the continuing lines and know-how this diverges from other martial art techniques.


It Offers Something More Than An Improved Fitness Level

When other martial art forms, such as karate, aims at developing fitness only, this one harmonizes your body and soul. The regular practising of this martial art also makes your mind synchronized and peaceful and offers you a harmonized social life.

Teaches Defence In A Constructive Way

Destructive martial arts or wrestling styles enable you to defend yourself using destructive methods. But you can call it an exception. Taekwondo does not use any offensive self-defending methods at all. This martial art helps you to protect yourself positively.

Taekwondo Follows A Scientific Procedure

Taekwondo does not teach the art of self-defence, following unscientific or haphazard learning methods at all. Instead, all the methods are organized and come with a range of beneficial impacts on your health.

Combines Both Hard And Soft Styles

Very few martial arts involve both soft and hard styles. This one is one of the most notable among them. Due to the combined influences of both Japan and China, it uses both of these styles. The Japanese influence of hard styles has introduced direct feet and hand strokes in it. The Chinese soft-style has incorporated flowing movements in taekwondo.

Final Thought

Hence, what keeps you waiting? Enrol your name in a taekwondo class without delay and improve your fitness level with the help of this outstanding Korean martial art!

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