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4 Reasons Martial Artists Shout When Performing Moves

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Martial artists generate an intimidating and impressive shout when throwing a kick or punch. And in Taekwondo, it is known as Kihap. Shouting actually forces us to exhale, which brings more speed and power to attacks. A kihap shout may be long or short. It depends on the training school. But both methods aim to generate power from the technique. Below are the reasons why you need to shout when performing moves.


What Is kihap in Taekwondo?


Kihap is a combination of two words. ‘Ki’ refers to maximum potential. On the other hand, ‘Hap’ means to coordinate, gather, and concentrate. Rather than a simple yell, it’s a manifestation of a martial artist’s life force. And this build-up of energy is revealed in a powerful shout.

The Purpose of Martial Arts Shout


  1. Increased Power

Shouting ensures that the practitioners breathe out at the proper time. The yell creates greater consistency. It reduces fear and hesitation. As a result, you can strike with the maximum power that your body will generate.

  1. Increased Confidence

Taekwondo is famous for butterfly kicks and punches. And while performing these moves with Kihap, the practitioners release the anxiety that naturally occurs during a conflict. This is what will lead you to succeed. And once you achieve success in a tournament, your self-confidence will automatically increase.

  1. Protects Your Body

If you see a strike and cannot defend against it, the yell will tighten your core muscles. And this is what will prevent organs from getting injured. A loud exclamation can be a natural response to pain. According to some martial artists, this versatile technique is useful for generating a burst of power.

  1. You Can Intimidate Opponents

A fierce yell can intimidate an opponent and attacker. It makes all martial arts techniques more powerful and painful. The force of a Kihap shout is enough to stun the competitors completely.


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